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iTunes 4.9

Today, the latest version of iTunes, iTunes 4.9, was released to the wild, wild music and podcast world. And what a wonderful thing it is.

In case you are not into this iPod thing or just not up to speed, iTunes is the jukebox software that comes with iPods. It used to be the software that link iPods to Macs and PCs alike, and a nimble CD ripper, aside from playing music tunes. Now, with version 4.9, iTunes can capture podcasts, quasi-radio shows that amateurs and professionals alike are creating on all sorts of topics, and synchronize to iPods. iTunes enable quick and easy subscription of podcasts, as well as full length previews of podcasts to help you make the decision of subscribing or not, through Apple's fable iTunes Music Store.

Comparing with your good old media aggregation software (the more fancy word for podcast downloader) like iPodder, iTunes bears a much simpler interface and is easier to use. Besides, because media aggregation software will use either iTunes and/or other media players to sync podcasts to portable players, iTunes will mean one application for podcasts instead of two; the simpler the better.

For me, which had already subscribed to a load of podcasts and use iPod, this version is just wonderful~

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