Apple launch iTunes Music Store in Japan


This is most welcoming news for J-pop enthusiasts. At 150-200 yen per song, it is a great bargain to buy songs there. Of course, whether anyone outside Japan can purchase songs without a local mailing address is anyone's guess, but it is a great start anyway.

This also signifies the beginning of aggressive marketing efforts for Apple in Asia to sell more 'pods and songs: if history is good enough as guidance, iTMS sells iPods, albeit indirectly through song sales. This is at least valid for US, which iTunes usage and iPod sales exploded ever since iTMS is available. Japan is probably the opening shot of Apple's war on music against everybody else.

Now, where can I find a Japan address that works....... :P

Addendum: Just tested, no luck..... even my credit card does not work..... shoot!

Extended reading:
Playlist.com: Apple launches iTunes Music Store in Japan

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