Family trouble and an announcement

My mom is in hospital. She has suffered serious vertigo and dizzyness, and was admitted last Thursday. So far, not much improvement, and the doctors are suspecting a minor stroke in the cerebelum. We need to schedule a MRI soon, but the public hospital facility is now having waiting lists for months at hand, so we are going to go for private hospital for the test real soon.

While she came clean on all other tests, we are not very comfortable about the situation. The MRI is going to tell whether she has suffered any brain damage at all, and what will be the medium/long term effects of any stroke applicable. Fingers are crossed firmly on all of the members of my family.

In the meantime, I will most likely be busy on running the household, hospital visits, and work. I might not have as much time to update this blog or do much of anything else. So please accept my apologies if you haven't see me updating for a while.

Wish my family luck, will ya?

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