Several things on the past week's family events

Whew.... things are finally settling down in our home.

My mom was recovering much faster than we expected. MRI was conducted on Monday (9/12), and her cerebellum has developed two lesions of about 1cm each. Besides, there are some other traces of previous lesions that has recovered. So, while usually such damages are slow in recovering, we are optimistic that she will recover, as she seemed to have suffer and recovered from similar problems before.

Meanwhile, she was transfered on Wednesday (9/14) to a local hospital (東華東院) specialized, among other things, stroke rehabiliation. She is now on a physical/occupational therapy regime, and is faring very well. She can now stand without assistance, and can walk (albeit slowly) with a clutch.

Her condition is well enough that the hospital has release her for three full days during the weekend. This allows her to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday at home with us, before returning next Monday to continue her rehabilitation.

Is this over? Not by an inch. While she had recovered immensely, she is still trying to re-train herself to a quasi-normal level of movement control, and she need assistance as she can get tired with the simplest task. However, it takes time for anyone to recover from such malady, and she is no different. That said, it is most fortunate in this unfortunate situation that she has suffered relatively low damage and disability, and is recovering rapidly. And she is being very upbeat in getting well, which is good for her as well as us.

Here, I would like to say thank you here to all the people that had expressed concern, offered assistance and support. It gives us support through the uncertainty and turmoil.

Thank you.

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