Ha, I see a lot of glasses on the ground~

So, Steve Jobs proved yet again that any ideas that he reject in public repeatively will become a reality.

The video iPod will be offered in 30 and 60GB models, with battery power at 14 and 20 hours respectively. A 2.5 inch screen and a smaller click wheel will be on the ever-thinner iPod, which is now around half an inch thick only. And it is the same price as the 4th generation iPod: USD299 for 30GB, and USD399 for 60GB. Just in time for the Christmas Season rush. I W.A.N.T one!!!!

On a separate note, iTunes got the second update in one month's time. The new iTunes will of course support video playback, and will allow customers to buy music video and TV shows from iTMS, Apple's own legal media download shop. Among the new features, the one I like is the service which allow users to buy a media item (music/video), and then send it to a friend as a gift. It works even if the recipient is not a iTMS user.

Finally, the iMac, not the PowerMac, that got a facelift. It now has build-in Dual-Layer Super Drive on all models, and build in iChat on the monitor. A new software called Front Row will allow users to play music/video away from the computer, using a remote control. This little app is the apparent answer to Windows XP Media edition.

Now, since almost all of the products announced today are aiming at Microsoft, I wonder if the next product before Mactel will be a revival of... Newton? We will see.


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