The beginning of the end of licensed music in podcast?

I was listening to Daily Source Code 275 this morning, and it opened with the rant about radio, which he quoted from an audio book by George Carlin (in the DSC shownotes, this quote was called "Destroy FM radio"). I was thinking, hmmm.... the guy hasn't play that snippet for a while, what happened? And then it became clear.

Adam Curry got message from Dutch broadcasting and music industry reps during the weekend that they will "go after", a.k.a sue podcasters if licensed music is aired on podcasts from now on. And European Union will probably creative a directive that will enforce this action on a EU basis, which will make licensed music on podcasts illegal. And he got a listener message that US webcasters had been asked to pay either 1/3 revenue, or 2.3 times of current fee for RIAA licensed music. I guess the industry just want to dealt a blow to podcasters before the Portable Media Expo.

I do not believe that CASH and IFPI here will be as efficient, but.... if something is going to happen, it will happen. Don't count on being lucky. Before we actually got a conclusive yes or HELL NO! from CASH, it will be safer for Hong Kong podcasters to hold from playing licensed music altogether.

[RANT MODE ON]Now, they are playing hardball, those fucking musicman (forgive me for the language). We still have podsafe music, English or Cantonese. You can all go to hell before you can get us, sucker! The world does not revolve around the peanuts that you call brains. [RANT MODE OFF]

Update: Added the source of the rant on DSC.

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